Bright Eyes

We have been listening to Conor Oberst for maybe 9 years.  Truly talented.  He is the lead singer of Bright Eyes who we saw at Radio City last night.  They were great.

Oberst is a total talent.  I believe he has been churning out music and lyrics since he was 14.  He plays guitar, piano etc.  His band including a mandolin and a trumpet.  The trumpet was especially sweet.  He brought out different members from the back up bands that have been playing with them on this tour.  Watching each of them get on the stage and just jam out with Oberst was fantastic.  Really took each song to a different place. 

It is always a pleasure to watch someone that talented perform.  Each night is probably different.  He reminded me of Mark Oliver from the Eels or even Jeff Tweedy from Wilco.  Musicians with such talent that are continually putting out new music, new thoughts and playing with different people.  Those talents are just a pure joy to watch. 

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  1. fred wilson

    he was awesome

    looking forward to another talent, Ben Lee, tonight