Happy Halloween

What a day.  We had Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Bradshaw andCary
Bob Dylan in costume.  Also, out of the goodness of our heart said it would be okay to have a Halloween party for basically the entire High School.  Seemed like a good party.  Had a few kids spend the night.  They cleaned up everything before going to bed.   Our girls run a tight ship.  No surprises there. 

One of the best lines of the night Bob
came from a girl who had just got back from college.  Not sure what she was doing here that night but regardless.  I asked her how school was going.  She said it was okay but she actually liked High School better.  "I feel like such a loser but it is true.  Nothing else is like living in New York City. " (She goes to college upstate).  I said "well, you are a freshman and that changes over time too.".  She acknowledged that but said  "The problem with New York City, it spoils you, now I can never live anywhere else.  I will be a New Yorker for life".

Nothing wrong with that. 

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  1. emily

    mom she goes to college in canada hah