, the latest addition to MacDougal street in the village just opened a few weeks ago.  Will MacDougal street be the next street to undergo a restaurant transformation? 

I really loved the decor of the place.  I felt as if I was on a high end deco European train.  The restaurant is very long.  At first glance it appears to be very small, just a room open to the street but then once you step in you notice the long hallway with booths all the day down on the left and then you continue to walk down the hall and off to the right, tucked in the back, is a fantastic bar.  Very quaint, very masculine with a good vibe.  The booths are a bit tight but so is a train. 

Acoustically, I found Smith’s a bit loud but not that bad.  It was also nice to see a variety of families in the front room who are locals just out for dinner.  I hope that continues. 

The menu is very nouveau.  I began with one of the "seasonal starters".  Roasted baby beets layered horizontally across the plate over a mixture of balsamic and a creamy horseradish sauce covered with a walnut powder.  Very good, small amount.  Fred went with the Artichoke Pasta which was excellent.  Creamy and rich with just a hint of black truffles, crispy prosciutto and parm cheese.

Seven dinner entrees to choose from.  They are still tweaking the menu (so says the waiter).  I went with the boneless pork chop.  A large white rectangular plate.  On one end a boneless pork chop sitting on a celery root and apple puree with braised pork cheeks sitting solo on the right.  It was good but not great.  The pork was juicy but not that interesting.  Fred went with the Dorade that was boned for him before serving that was served with a simple Meyer lemon vinaigrette.  It was good.  I also ordered a side of glazed veggies which were rich and good.  There are a few options for sides.

For dessert, someone had the pumpkin panna cotta which looked beautiful.  We split a warm apple cake with ginger ice cream and dots of caramel sauce around the plate.  Moist and flavorful.

I liked the place.  The food is simple, nothing to write home about but Smith’s is a nice addition to the neighborhood.  Loved the bar.  You can see the picture of Fred at the bar doing his usual thing, checking email.  I hope it becomes a great local haunt which would be perfect.