Last night was Union Square Ventures annual dog and pony show, Fred’s company..  One afternoon all the CEO’s get together and talk about their issues and the future of the world, and then there is a dinner that night where the investors meet all the CEO’s.  The next day, each company gives a presentation to the investors.  It is a great event no matter which side of the table you are sitting on.  This year, they had the dinner at Tabla, taking over the bread bar.  Not only is this a fantastic venue to have the party, the food was excellent.  I can hardly wait to go back and bring the kids.

Funny enough, on Saturday night, we met Floyd Cardoz and his lovely wife.  They were sitting next to us at a party.  Both of them had been in cooking school in Bombay and met again in NYC through a friend.  Great story.  Really nice people.  His menu and food at Tabla is brilliant, innovative and so different than anything out there, that I have ever had, in the world of Indian food. 

First there were passed hors d’oeuvres.  I think I had only one maybe two.  I was off mingling.  BTW, Floyd told me to drink whiskey with this food.  I complied.  We saw down at the tables and everything was served communal style which I love.  I like the passing of the plate, the conversations about each dish.  It makes for a really nice event.  We started off with a beet salad tossed with ginger, cilantro, chilies and red wine vinegar.  Delicious.  Along side of that were the breads that are addicting and chutneys for dipping.  We also had some black pepper shrimp that had been roasted in the tandoor and a salad of thinly sliced black bass that has been marinated in chilies, cilantro with a mixture of thinly sliced carrots and roasted cashews.  Like a different type of ceviche.  Now the main courses start to come out and one was better than the next.

First out was a Halibut that had been wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted.  It appeared to be simple and not that interesting, wrong.  Full of flavor and served with a coconut coriander chutney which just gave the fish an extra kick.  Next out big pieces of chicken that had been roasted and marinated with curry leaf and ginger.  The chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked.  People even commented on the chicken later on in the meal.  Alongside was braised ginger greens.  I had a few helpings of this.  I need to pick up his book and figure out how he made this. Then out came a large platter with sliced tandoori lamb that was medium rare and had been marinated in ginger, chillies and yogurt with slices of lime on the side.  I used a few of the chutneys on the table to mix with this.  There was also a lemon pilaf on the table.

Desserts came out on a large tray, three different kinds.  Pineapple cardamon cheese cake tarts.  I should have but I didn’t.  Cookies which I also didn’t but I did partake in one dessert. Not only did I eat one one but two of the chocolate kulfi pops.  A cardamon ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate.  Yum.

The food was truly a treat.  Now that I have met Floyd and his wife, I am even more blown away by his cooking.  I have been going to Tabla for years but I need to get back there more often.  Also, next purchase on Amazon is Floyds book.