The American Teenager, It’s Complicated

Went to a book signing last night for the book, The American Teenager, Its Complicated by Robin Bowman.
What a great book.  Robin started out meeting friends kids, taking their pictures and then getting to know them.  She realized she had something there.  So, she journeyed across the country for 4 years taking pictures of random teenagers (and friends kids).  Taking their photos before she talked to them so the photos would be real vs. her opinion through the lens.  Then she asked them all a series a questions about life.  What are you fears, what is hard about being a teenager, do you believe in God, are you sexually active, are you in school, tell me about your family, do you work, where were you on 9/11, do you believe in the war in Iraq?  26 big picture questions then questions on those questions.  The answers are thought provoking and some of the pictures are haunting.

Pick it up.  Not only a beautiful book but a book that needs to be read.