Things We Want

Things We Want is currently playing at The New Group.  The venue is very cool.  A variety of theaters throughout the building.  Things We Want was playing on the third floor which is a decent sized theater with nice sized seats (always a bonus at the theater). 

I read about Things We Want a few months ago and bought tickets.  Good thing.  The play was written by Jonathan Marc Sherman and directed by Ethan Hawke.  The actors are Paul Dano (remember Little Miss Sunshine), Peter Dinklage, Josh Hamilton and Zoe Kazan.  An all star hipster cast.  BTW, hipsters that can truly act and direct. 

Three brothers living in an apartment left to them by their parents where they all grew up.  Parents died.  Kids although adults now are not that stable.  They are all looking for something that they want or at least think they want.  Alcohol abuse runs through the play which supposedly the playwright had his fair share of.  As much as I did enjoy the story, I was just in awe over the acting and the direction.  Peter Dinklage and Paul Dano are so amazing the first act you can’t imagine it getting any better and it does.   

I took Jessica and Emily with me.  They were also taken in with the acting and particular dialogs between the characters.

If tickets are still available, I highly recommend this play.  A total winner.