Christmas Day in Sydney

Christmas Day is sort of a drag when you are traveling unless of course you are hanging at a resort.  Sydney basically closes down.  Restaurants close for days.  There are many places we wanted to go to but aren’t open while we are in Sydney.

We took a bus out to Bondi Beach and were planning on doing a beach walk.  Weather wasn’t really in our favor.  It was a bit cold, windy and overcast.  Major drag.  Hoping for this weather to pass through and see beautiful sunny skies soon. 

We did find a bite on Bondi where there are a few places open to eat.  We found a little hole in the wall next to Speedo up on North Bondi. 

A stroll around town and then back to the hotel for a little rest and relaxation. 

We did the Bridge Climb last night.  Josh got half way up and freaked.  Heights is definitely not his thing.  I was pretty sure he didn’t want to go when we walked into the building but thought he should give it a try.  Face your fears.  He got to the stairs which are literally right under the platform and went cold.  Since I was the only adult in the group, besides Jessica, I took him down.  It was sort of a drag for me because I really wanted to go to the top and take in the views but what can I say, I’m the Mom. 

Afterward we wanted over to the Park Hyatt on the Rocks and found a bite to eat.  Bad food but at least some thing to put in our stomaches.  I sound like a bah humbug but Christmas Day doesn’t do it for me.  I hate that the restaurants, if they are open, serve only one option for a meal and are extraordinarily expensive so I refuse to do it. Next year, I need to plan better.  Glad to see Christmas Day over and done.

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  1. peteski

    I guess (unless you’re visiting friends or family) if you expect/want full service on the 25th of December – North America, South America, Australia and Europe would be places to avoid. Asia however, is open.

  2. Ric

    Told Fred you should have come to Adelaide … 28deg C and we hit the beach for lunch, champagne and swimming. But I’m guessing Xmas Day anywhere you’re a stranger is probably a bit difficult, because (as you found) it all happens at home.