Making Latkes

Latkes are one of those things that I am not truly exact each time.  I highly recommend using a Cuisinart that has a grater.  I use about 6/7 Yukon gold potatoes ( not peeled ) and 2 Vidalia onions.  Put this through the grater.  Take out the onions and potatoes and put this into a large bowl.  Lightly beat two eggs and toss this into the mixture.  Then take about 1/4 cup or more of matzah meal and add to the mixture.  Really use your hands to mix this thoroughly. 

Take out a handful of this mixture and squeeze most of the liquid out.  If this sticks together, fine.  If not, add a little more matzah meal to the mixture. 

Take a non-stick frying pan (much easier ) and cover the bottom with canola oil.  When the oil starts to appear shiny, drop a handful of the mixture into the oil and flat out a bit with a spatula.  I keep the temperature on a medium/high heat.  When the bottoms get crispy, flip and crisp the other side.  I like them a dark brown.  Continue to add oil to the pan as the latkes sop it up.   

I take out a try and cover it with brown paper or even paper towels and lay the latkes on that until full, then put down another layer of paper on top.  This sops up the grease.  I keep it in the oven at 225 or so to keep the latkes warm until they are all done. 

Serve with applesauce and sour cream.  This amount feeds about 5, at least for us. A once a year treat. They should be light and crispy.  These type of latkes you can even serve with a little creme fraiche, sliced nova and a sprig of dill.

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  1. rachel

    thanks so much for sharing…was hoping you would this time of year. Happy Hanukkah! Rahel

  2. ellen

    Thank you, I am going to make them tonite.