Greenwich Avenue (not Greenwich Street) has been going through a slow change since Gusto came to town.  Could Greenwich Avenue become a small restaurant row?  Gottino is the newest addition to the neighborhood.  Gottino could be a great addition to any neighborhood.

Small, intimate, a large bar and maybe a few tables.  No reservations.  Feels like a bar that has been around a long time somewhere in Italy.  It is a wine bar.  Wines of the day and a menu of other wines.  The menu is all about tasting and sharing.  My favorite.  The best part is that everything you taste is absolutely delicious.  We didn’t have a loser. 

You tend to drink heavily because the atmosphere is so nice you want to hang as long as possible.  I wasn’t waiting for an entree so I just continued to order a few things here and there while refilling the wine class. 

We had three cheeses which come with a poached slice of pear and a few cherries.  Nice touch and of course toasted peasant bread on the side dabbed in olive oil.  I also ordered a plate of prosciutto on the side that comes with 3 pitted dates.  Delicious.  The brussel sprouts are shaved and served with pecorino and walnuts actually come cold but are crispy and tasty.  There is a section on the menu of crispy toasts served with toppings.  We tried the roasted butternut squash mixed with chopped radicchio, roasted prunes ( I think ) and drenched with balsamic vinegar.  A really interesting combo that totally works.  We also had a round of toasts smeared with a farm cheese and dried cherry tomatoes that had been drenched in olive oil on top.  Can’t beat it.   The most interesting thing we had was the pork, beef and date dumplings.  They were little large oddly shaped meatballs that had a sweet and savory taste happening.  Really delicious and completely  innovative.   Everything comes on little plates or small bowls.

Everything, including the wine was a treat.  We went early to make sure we got a table.  The place was rocking when we left.  It is the perfect local hangout.  Returning is not even a question.