I love LA

Maybe because I was born there, maybe because I lived there during college while I had an internship, maybe because my family has lived there off and on over the years or maybe it is that I just love LA. 

The good news for me is now my brother and his family lives out there so not only do I get to visit, I get to hear about the latest and greatest.  It is a beautiful thing.  We cover NYC and they cover LA.  A perfect combo.

We had perfect weather this weekend.  We drove to Manhattan Beach for lunch and walked around.  Manhattan Beach is very mellow and from a distance appears to define the clean California life.  I happen to prefer the grit of Venice where my brother and his family lives but an afternoon at Manhattan Beach isn’t so bad. 

Axe Back to Venice where we had to take a quick walk down Abbot Kinney. Probably one of my favorite streets which continues to grow.  We had dinner at Matsuhisa which I had not been in years.  Not what it used to be but it was a fun evening.

Sunday we woke up and had brunch at Axe.  A fantastic breakfast with lots of celebrity sightings which the kids loved.  If you get to Axe, order a few pancakes for the table.  They are like no other.  Brown rice, lots of grains, and fluffy.  A real treat. 

After Axe, we made our way over to the Farmers Market in Santa Monica.  Wow.  The fruit in LA can not be beat.  Picked up a few items for dinner and drove to the Getty up in the hills.  The collection is nothing to speak about but the architecture of the Getty, the beauty of the settingFarmers_market
and the views are wonderful.

Dinner at home.  Monday I had to get one class in at YAS which teaches spinning and yoga.  Opted for spinning.  Went home, showered and off to the airport.

A perfect weekend spent with the family and my brother, his wife and their kids.  Also, a good mid-winter fix.  I really do love LA.

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  1. Dan Buell

    Hi GG – when were you at the Getty? We were there for the first time a few weeks back, have to agree with you on the architecture – what marvelous angles!!!