Not sure where I read about the magazine Monocle but I just started receiving it.   I am really enjoying it.  Monocle focuses on global affairs, business, culture and design.  It is basically a magazine for the flat world.  The first issue I received had articles on the US election as well as the new high speed rails all over Europe ( God I wish we had those in our country), the world’s greenest grocer out of Switzerland, the largest health care trade show in Dusseldorf, an independent surf-inspired clothing company in Cornwall, a newspaper in Israel and a Christian company that has been building planes specifically designed for evangelical missions in Africa.  There are many more stories but all interesting and I really like the global slant.  As our world gets flatter and flatter, it is eye opening to read the views from other media publications around the world who might be focusing on something that people in our own country are not but perhaps should be. 

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  1. Chris

    At $30 USD per issue?? Yikes.