We went back to Smith’s.  I think it was even better the second time. 

The bar in the back is quite sweet.  A place, where if you get a seat, you could spend the entire evening there. There are now a list of bar snacks too so you could just nosh.  We started at the bar.  You kind of have to there to have the full experience.  Also, the bar is tucked in the back so has its own life.  The patrons in front don’t hear or see it.  Smart. 

We sat in the front room which was rocking by the time we left.  We went with a friend from Phoenix who decided he liked a variety of things on the menu and we should split everything.  My kind of guy.  We started with the squid and a bunch of veggies.  The plate is filled with a pile of slightly charred squid that has been seasoned with pancetta, olives and lemon confit.  Light and tasty.  We also had the Glazed Vegetables which are seriously glazed with butter.  Roasted fennel, carrots and a few other root veggies.  Delicious.   Sauteed Broccoli Rabe that is crisp and flavorful. 

Dinner was a splitting of three different entrees.  Pan seared cod that was served in the shape of a round disc served over black pepper tagliolini sprinkled with a gremolata on top.  Each bite you got a piece of the fish with the pasta.  Different flavors and textures really worked.  Nice dish.  The lobster was grilled and shelled so you only get pieces of lobster ( sans shell ) on your place served with a butternut squash puree and black trumpet mushrooms.  Very rich and tasty.  The rib-eye steak was full of flavor and perfectly cooked.  A large piece of meat served over a spinach puree, bone marrow gravy on top and large light potato dumplings on the side that are similar in taste to gnocchi.

Fred ordered a chocolate brownie treat which he inhaled at the end.  Lots of wine, good food and good company, what could be bad?  Our friend had a friend meet him at the restaurant so she joined in the fun at the end of our dinner but nobody asked us to leave.  We could sit there and enjoy ourselves as long as we wanted, which was a pleasure.  The service was great.  It was really fun and best of all the food was really good.  This is definitely Danny Abrams best restaurant yet.  I went back a second time and I am sure we will return a third.  A winner.