We bought a piece of Ryan Wallace’s work two summers ago.  I have tried to keep up with the artists we have collected.  I admit, I have not been so good at it lately.  Ryan emailed me that he had a show and wanted us to go to the opening.  I couldn’t make it but I finally did get down to see the show. 

The show took place at the Envoy Gallery which is at 131 Chrystie Street.  Interesting space.  What I really like about keeping up with the artists is watching each of them evolve.  At one point, you see something that resonates with you and if you are lucky you can buy it or just keep the picture in your mind.  Believe me, there is plenty of art over the years I still think about but for many reasons didn’t or couldn’t purchase.  That piece of art is captured at a time of the artists career like a photograph of an event.  Then the artist grows and get inspired by different things in their lives and their art changes.  Sometimes you like the direction they take, other times you don’t get it or hate it all together.   

I love the piece we own of Ryan’s which is the painting on the left.  Lots of representational elements and Ryan_wallace
figurative objects.  His show was quite different from his previous work.  Our piece had a lot going on on a small canvas.  This new series of work is more landscape driven and abstract.  Very different from his past work yet some hints of the same qualities.  I had also seen some of his earlier work that he had done even before the piece that we bought.  So watching the growth is fascinating. Ryan is very prolific and quite talented.  It was really a pleasure to see his work and the next steps he has taken.   The latest piece is on the right hand side of this page.

I brought the girls down to check out the show with me.  We talked about what we liked and what we didn’t and how the work has changed.  I really have to check in with the rest of the artists we know to see what they are up to.  I have been checked out for too long.