Asian Chicken Soup

No picture but this soup was a winner and a nice diversion from basic chicken soup.  Josh was sick today, Emily is a bit under the weather and figured a good chicken soup was the perfect remedy.  I played around with this and it was a total winner.

In a large soup pot put in:

8 T. soy sauce
4 T. mirin
1 tsp. sesame oil
2 T. minced ginger
2 T. sugar
8 T. rice vinegar
1 tsp. chile paste
10 cups chicken broth ( you could use water but I think chicken broth is better )
one whole chicken
2 large sliced carrots
1 onion sliced into pieces

Bring this to boil and then bring down to simmer.  Cover and let cook for about 45 minutes then let stand for about 15 minutes with the heat turned off.  Take out the chicken and shred the meat, toss the bones and put the chicken back in the pot.  I let this stand on the stove, no heat and covered for a few hours before I completed the dish for dinner. 

Right before dinner, I reheated the soup.  Then tossed in one large bok choy cut up, about 1 1/2 cups assorted mushrooms and 1 cup of edamame.  I also made some soba noodles on the side for whoever wanted noodles in their soup. 

A really good soup to warm the bones in winter.

Comments (Archived):

  1. ellen

    You are so good. I got a call that husband was coming home early with fever and cough and what did I do? I went and bought a quart of wonton soup. Bet he would have liked your remedy better. I will try to make it today. I probably will have to leave out the chile paste. Do you skim the fat?

  2. Gotham Gal

    I do skim the fat…but honestly it isn’t so easy. Much easier skimming the fat once the soup has been in the refrigerator for a day.