Following the cell phone trail

Last week Josh found a cell phone on Bleeker Street on the way home from school.  I called the last number that had called the phone and found the owner.  A man who was incredibly thankful but spoke very little English and mostly Chinese.  Telling him where I lived was difficult and in the end I gave him my cell phone and told him to call me when he would come by.  He worked or lived in Long Island City. 

3 days went by and I heard nothing.  Then Sunday, my cell rang and it was his wife.  She spoke English much better than he did.  We decided she would come by at 5pm on Wednesday to retrieve the phone.  She was still a bit confused about where we were etc. and the communication, although better, wasn’t fantastic.

Today around 630, my cell rings and a young man introduces himself as the son of the lost cell phone.  He speaks beautiful English and was very polite.  His mother just gave him the information to call me and I gave him our address.  He happened to be in Tribeca so I told him I was home all night. There was no need to rush and he said he’d come by around 8.

At 9pm, my cell phone rings and this young man tells me he is outside our front door.  A young man, maybe 16, thanks me.  I give him the phone.  He gives me a nice bottle of white wine in appreciation for the phone.  He was thrilled.   

A great New York story….and a good deed.

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  1. rachel

    I love paying it forward, especially in the city…it makes me feel good and makes me feel like I have a credit somewhere out there. good work!