Girl Power

When Jessica and Emily were 6 and 4 we got very into The Spice Girls.  For Halloween, Jessica was sporty spice and Emily was baby spice.  They were adorable.  We were living in the suburbs and nobody knew who the Spice Girls were.  We couldn’t believe it.  The 3 of us were trend setters way back then.  Ha!  The following year, everyone knew The Spice Girls and how could they not.  They have been one of the most successful bands out of the UK, ranking 13 in most sold albums.  For Jessica’s bday, way past Halloween, she had a Spice Girl party and everyone had to come dressed as their favorite Spice Girl.  Classic stuff…I really must go through the photo albums. 

When we heard they were going to have a reunion tour there was no question that we were going.  Fred and I got on line and the minute we could we bought tickets.  We ended up with 8 seats.  Then through a friend I got 3 more.  So, last night I took 7 girls to the Spice Girls and gave my best friend and her two girls the 3 remaining.

The concert took place at the Prudential Arena in NJ.  Fantastic venue.  I wish MSG looked so good.  Reminds me a bit of Denver’s arena.

The place was packed with suburban girls dressed up as The Spice Girls.  Throngs of girls waiting to buy t-shirts.  Brilliant marketing and the t-shirts were great. 

All 5 of the Spice Girls are pretty impressive.  They can dance, sing and are in unbelievable shape.  They sang their classics and then some.  Even a few solos of random songs.  But as a whole, the whole event was worth it.  The girls loved it.  A total production and you walk out with a bounce in your step.

What can I say but what my girls learned from the Spice Girls from an early age…GIRL POWER!!