It’s college time..

I can’t believe it, we are starting to look at colleges.  It is exciting and strange at the same time. 

We are in San Francisco this weekend taking at look at Stanford and Berkeley.  We saw Stanford yesterday.  Wow.  The campus is beautiful and enormous.  My favorite corner which made us all chuckle is the section of the school where one building is named David Packer, the one across the way is William Hewitt and across from there is William Gates and around the corner is Gordon Moore.  Wow.  Hewitt Packer, Microsoft and Intel make quite an imprint. 

Jessica liked the place.  The way the curriculum works, the number of students, how you ride your bike to and from class, the options that are made available after Freshman year, etc.  It was very cool to watch her take it all in and imagine herself here for four years.  She was surprised that she enjoyed the suburban like campus but felt that for four years, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. 

We will see.  I figure that if each kid bought a sweatshirt when we left was probably a good thing.