La Luncheonette

The last time I went to La Luncheonette was probably on a winters evening 20 years ago.  La Luncheonette has been a fixture on the corner of 18th Street and 10th Avenue for 30 years or more.  An institution. 

We went last night for dinner and the place was packed.  Classic French food.  Large plates of simply prepared food.  It is the home of the cassoulet.  There is a menu but the small chalk board carries the specials of the night which is probably the best thing to opt for.  We had steak which was delicious.  Perfectly cooked topped with buttery sauteed mushrooms and green beans and potato gratin on the side.  All good. 

Our friends brought some red wines a long and the corking fee is only $15 per bottle which is nice if you want to bring you own.  They have plenty of wine to choose from there but just something to know. 

What I really like about La Luncheonette besides the fact that they have survived many generations of restaurants in NYC is the down to earth experience.  So many of the classic French institutions have closed but La Luncheonette remains.  No pretension.  Happy to please.  All the patrons are mostly old time New Yorkers.  No fancy nouveau cuisine just simple home cooked French food. 

I’m definitely not waiting another 10 years before dining at La Luncheonette.