New York Cake Supplies

New York Cake Supplies is a baking store institution.  The guy who owns the store is a bit of a lunatic.  He really doesn’t like people who browse. In the retail world, that is insane.  You can’t help but browse in this store, especially if you are a baker. He will actually yell at you to see if you are ready or not to make a purchase. If he decides you have browsed for too long, he will confront you.  Crazy, yes.  But he has managed to stay in business for years because he  has every gadget you can imagine to make your baking experience seamless. An awesome inventory and good prices.  Every size muffin tin, pastry brush, pre-cut parchment paper, bricks of chocolate, tart pans, etc.

I have been on a baking roll this week.  Every Tuesday morning I happen to attend a meeting in the building that sits over the store.  So, I walked in there today and picked up a few things although I could have picked up much more.

When we make our next move, at the end of the year, a serious methodical walk through this store is necessary.  With a list, of course, because no browsing is allowed.  On second thought, maybe I will just make my purchases from their website.