Stinky Cabs

In terms of public transportation, I am all over the place.  I prefer walking but not everything is in walking distance.  In good weather, I’m all about the Vespa.  Subways are great for some travel but sometime the cab is the quickest route.

Cell phone use by the cab drivers, I understand due to the monotony of the job, but when they fly by your destination because they aren’t paying attention is infuriating.  You really don’t want to tell a cab driver to get off the phone.  Instead you endure it.  I am not a huge fan of the new TV’s in the cabs either and basically turn them off the second I sit down.  It is the odor that kills me.

Last week I got in a cab that was so stinky I opened up both windows and basically stuck my head out of one of them while attempting to only breath through my mouth.  Today, same thing.  It is a killer.  As most NYers will tell you, it is an experience that we have all had and it is ghastly.

Not sure the cure but there must be some ideas.  Instead of TV’s have the option of fresh air with your choice of fragrance misting the air immediately upon arrival.  I guess the best option is to just get out but sometime the stinky cab is the only free cab available.