The week at large…

There is something in the air every year around this time.  Everyone is either getting sick or getting over something.  Everyone seems to be in that blah mode.  Although March 1st is a far cry from spring, March rings of spring.  I, for one, am in need of some sun.  Also, I am sick of my winter clothes. 

This week was the girls last basketball game of the season.  I think we were all ready for it to end.

Wednesday I went with my mom and sister to Great Jones Spa for massages.  My sisters bday.  Afterward we went to Il Buco for lunch.  Had a great lunch.  Incredible soft tasty mozzarella.  We had a pork panini with warm soft yet crunchy bread with arugula inside and the pork belly.  So good.  We also had a flash in the pan kale that was tossed with an anchovy vinaigrette and grated Parmesan.  Really different and good.  One of the best things about Il Buco is that they are long on Sagratino de Montefalco.  Rich red and full bodied.  One of my all time favorites. 

Thursday we had theater tickets but decided it was too cold and we were too tired to bother.  It is part of a series and I had already heard it wasn’t so great so we passed.  Instead Fred and I had dinner at my favorite local haunt, The Spotted Pig.  For years, Gramercy Tavern was my local haunt, the front room only.  Then Blue Water Grill was my spot for lunch and I do go to Blue Ribbon Sushi on occasion and now I have moved to The Spotted Pig.  I love the place.  The vibe is great.  No hurries there.  But most important, the food is just fantastic.  I have never had anything that wasn’t delicious.  Right now I am very into the pumpkin salad.  Small chunks of roasted pumpkins with grated manchego cheese, baby arugula and a spicy dressing.  So good.  The goat cheese Jerusalem artichoke salad is quite good too but the pumpkin is better.  I also love the roasted beets with the greens for a side dish.  The broccoli rabe and pancetta or succotash is also worth it.  The grilled hanger steak with roasted beets and horseradish sauce comes and goes on the menu which is always good.  As the world has heard, the hamburger is top.  A great bar.  Looking forward to the fish place they are opening up in the Meatpacking area.

Came home and watched the debates.  Great ending for Hillary and good for the Democratic party.  Let’s be friends, please. 

The weekends have really changed in the past few months.  Josh doesn’t need a babysitter even when his friends spend the night.  The girls have been on their own for quite a while.  We used to stay home most weekend nights but now we can do what we want.  Josh had a double sleepover this weekend so we went to see There Will be Blood.  Figuring the Oscars is this weekend, we’d see the Daniel Day Lewis performance.  That is the best part.  Just didn’t love it for many reasons.  Slow character development, Kubrick ending that didn’t fit the rest of the movie, two greedy bastards one using oil and other using the lord.  Just not that interesting. 

After the movie, we stopped by Gotham Bar and Grill.  Another favorite local haunt where we like to go and eat at the bar.  There were 3 seats.  Jessica had just finished play practice and we told her to meet us.  It was really nice.  We split four appetizers, all good.  There is a reason that Gotham Bar continues to rule.  The seafood salad is one of the signature dishes and always good.  We also had hamachi, grilled octopus salad and the tuna tartare which is another house specialty.  After we finished, Jessica took off to a party.  Fred and I felt the evening with Jessica gave us a glimpse at the future. 

Tonight we are crashing our friends dinner and joining the group.  This morning I sat around the read the paper, completed the crosswords and took in Josh’s soccer game in the afternoon and a little shopping up the street at Martin Margiela.

All and all a typical February week in NYC.

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  1. Laura

    uh…”I, for one, am in need of some sun.” this from a woman who spent Xmas in Australia, MLK in LA, Presidents in SF….I don’t think so, honey….you want to switch and live with 7″ of snow and the gray and sleet we’ve had all week – and only a few rays of sunshine since November 7th – I’d be happy if it just stayed above 32F for the Month of March…it’s supposed to be 18F today and a high of 32F by Saturday (but the low is still only 12F!) Talk about hating your winter wardrobe!! Be thankful you don’t have to deal with the way a car looks in the winter….the next warm day we get will be spent shoveling the inside of the car out ^^