Allen and Delancey

We went to Allen and Delancey for dinner on Saturday night.  They actually called me on Thursday morning at 10am to confirm Saturday night’s reservation.  Must be a hot spot! 

The restaurant area of Allen and Delancey is a little gritty.  A little gem that sticks out.  Years ago, I am talking the 40’s, when there were little clubs in certain areas of the city that were sophisticated and dark melded with the grit of the outside but brought it inside to create an almost intellectual hot spot.  That is what I felt like walking inside Allen and Delancey.  The bar is dark and groovy.  You want to order a scotch or a rich red wine.  Really loved it.  I wish the bar was down my street, I’d be a regular.

The bar is in the front, the restaurant is in the back.  Still dark and almost smoky feeling.  The menu is creative.  We split a bunch of appetizers so we could all taste.  Sea scallops that were caramelized and served with a creamy sauce.  Delicious.  We also went with the pickles which were a mixture of different pickles veggies served in a salad mode.  Interesting.  The special of the night were oysters on the half shell that were served with a Asian flavored sauce.  The best was the caramelized bone marrow served with small pieces of triangular toast.  It was so rich and good.  We also had the foie gras that had been seared perfectly and just oozed out when you cut into it.

Dinner was just as good.  Two of us had steak, the other two had the lamb.  The lamb is a chop and then different mixtures on the plate including a potato gratin.  The beef is listed as cabbage, beef and onion.  A small piece of rib of beef next to a layered cabbage side and onions.  Each dish is not what you are expecting from the menu.  I am not doing a good job describing everything because we drank so much but I do remember everything was fantastic.

We had dessert too and dessert wine.  It was a really fun night and I vow to return to Allen and Delancey, drink less and savor more.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Danny

    Definitely agree. A&D is a favorite of mine. The layout and decor is great but the food is the real star. I read somewhere that they just started a late night menu so I definitely want to check that out.

  2. paul

    wow, that was a pretty horribly written review for a good restaurant.

  3. gotham gal

    I wish I could have been more detailed in the description of the food but too much wine left me a tad blurry-eyed the next day.