Hang Ten

Thanks to everyone for all the restaurant feedback on the Big Island.  Most of them we are going to and will definitely write about them.  Particularly looking forward to going to Merrimans. 

Today we did what all good visitors do in Hawaii, we surfed.  I booked the day with Surf Lessons Hawaii.  We began at their place and got the download, the shoes and the shirts.  Here is a picture of Emily during training. 

We drove down to the water and off we went.  The instructors were the key.  Out we paddled and the instructor would hold on to your board until the wave came along.  They’d push you out and yell paddle until it was time to yell stand.  Not sure how I would do solo but with the instructors it worked.  We all got up.  A total blast.  Loved the whole communal thing going on in the water.  Lots of locals.  Two people were standing surfing with an oar.  They’d paddle until they’d catch the wave and then go.  It was quite cool.

There was this huge turtle hanging out where all the surfers would get in and out of the water.  Not only was the water crystal clear but there was a friendly turtle hanging out with us.  Glad to see we have not completely destroyed our environment. 

Afterward, we drove over to Huggo’s for lunch.  Nothing to write home about but a local favorite with a nice setting.  Reminded me of a place we had lunch at in South Africa on the coast going from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Town.  A restaurant just hanging over the water.

A really great day.  We all got to hang 10.  Pictures should be coming from the surfer company….they should be hilarious.