I asked if anyone was up for another activity.  Helicopter over the volcano?  Get a four wheel drive down to the Valley?  Waterfall exploration?  Everyone basically said no, except for possibly Jessica who was happy to do whatever the crew wanted to do.  In the end, the crew just chilled.  It is tough for this crew to chill.  We are such doers and explorers that life at a resort isn’t the norm for us.  What can I say, we’re better at city life than nature but doing very little has been good for everyone.  Lots of sleep, reading and sun.  How bad can that be?

Yesterday our big outing was dinner.   We went to Kenichi which is located in the Shops of Mauna Lani.  Sushi.  We just ordered dumplings and sushi.  Very good dumplings and the sushi was quite good too.  The service was comical.  Our sushi came out before the dumplings.  The sushi trickled out.  First two of us got what we ordered, then two more, then I was the last.  We waited and waited and waited.  We saw it and at one point considered going to get it ourselves but passed.  It was a tad strange but the food was good.   

We came back to the hotel hoping that there would still be some s’mores available to make.  There were and we got the last of it.  It really is nice to sit on the beach, make a s’more and hear and feel the ocean lapping against the shoreline.  Pretty sweet actually.