Last day on the Big Island

Today was the last day on the Big Island.  Jessica was really hot to go surfing again so we drove down to Kona.  We had breakfast at Java on the Rocks.  The best coffee I have had on the island, hands down.  Really rich.  I started with a double espresso but I really need my basic cup of Joe.  Fred got me one.  They asked him how I liked it, regular or strong.  Strong.  It was really delicious.

You order food at the counter and they bring it down to your table which is sitting in the sand overlooking a harbor.  Very mellow place  Food is nothing to write home about but I like the vibe there.

I dropped Jessica and Fred off at surfing and Josh and Emily and I went exploring.  First to Borders to get me another book and then to the local farmers market.  The farmers market is small.  Maybe 15 booths in all.  A few had fresh fruit, others had local Hawaiian fare from hula skirts to jewelry to honey.  I bought some really spicy honey made from the Macadamian flowers.  We also got our nieces some leis and necklaces.  We areSurfer
going to see them in two days and never like to come empty handed. 

We picked up Jessica and went back to the resort for the final chill.  The resort is really fantastic.  Josh and Fred played golf one morning but decided they weren’t in the mood for the rest of the trip.  There is plenty of tennis which we really don’t play.  A few different pools based on your needs, one for kids, one for adults, and one for snorkeling.  A variety of restaurants on the premises.  A great spa that you can use daily which we did for a steam and sauna.  My guess is plenty of people come here and don’t leave the premises.  A really nice place to come and recharge your batteries which we all did.

Dinner tonight and off to Honolulu tomorrow for a day of activities.  More later…

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  1. Callie

    I was hoping you were going elsewhere! I spent time in Honolulu and (moreso) Maui and my culinary experiences were much different than yours have been.

  2. abigail

    Did you ever see the volcano? It’s the only reason for going to the Big Island. You can walk across the crater and watch steam coming out of the vents. Go to the side of the volcano and watch lava flowing out.