More on hitting the slopes

There is really nothing like a day of skiing/boarding.  Being outdoors all day, flying down the mountain, working the muscles and just enjoying the fresh air.  Frankly, I’m exhausted.

Fred and I ski like we are still 18.  Big mistake.  I have figured out how to hit the moguls on a board and I hit a winner today and landed so hard I will be lucky to walk tomorrow.  Fred flew face down a few moguls today after "going for it" and he is concerned about his knee.  Do we sound old?  Too bad we aren’t the types that enjoy the pace of the blue runs all day.  No, we actually think we can keep up with our kids.  Ha!

One of the most unfortunate places about Utah is that after a hard day at the slopes you really would like a stiff drink.  Not in Utah.  You can only get one and a half ounces at a time.  It used to be an ounce but they passed a new law this week upping the ante for another half an ounce.  My sister in law and I ordered martinis at dinner and we got barely half a glass.  I considered ordering two at the same time but they don’t react favorably to that.  So when in Utah, order bottles of wine. 

Had dinner at Ruth Chris’s tonight.  My arteries are clogging up as I write the post.   Tomorrow I am putting on a pair of skis, bagging the board and hitting the slopes.  Looking forward to it. 

This picture is my favorite.  We got back to the room and Josh and my nieces hit up the computer to video chat with Josh’s friends.  Gotta love it. 

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  1. ellen

    If the knee hurts put some ice and do not put weight on it. Tell your husband it is not like horseback riding. Meeds tincture of time to heal if it hurts. Don’t get back in the saddle or he will regret it later.