Pahui’a at Four Seasons

You can’t beat the surroundings.  We sat at a table on the beach.  The palm trees have been up lit.  Waves crashing on the shore.  A slight breeze is running through the air.  There is a veranda that overlooks the beach.  It is really beautiful. 

The service is fantastic and the menu is eclectic.  The food isn’t stellar but the atmosphere makes up for it.  Fred started off with the crab, lobster corn fritters which were quite tasty.  3 palm sized fritters that were crunchy and had an even balance of seafood and corn with a dipping sauce on the side.  Josh and Emily went with the pork buns.  Open faced pork buns filled with pulled Chinese pork, lettuce and some veggies with hoisin to dip on the side.  Really delicious and I liked the deconstruction of the plate.  Jessica went with the triple tuna.  Ahi tuna three different ways.  Pastrami style which she nixed, poke style which she seems to like and I can’t recall the last one.  Her biggest concern about eating too much tuna is mercury poisoning which I am not too concerned about.  I had the beet salad which was also deconstructed.  5 small beets randomly plated on a triangle plate and a few dollops of goat cheese too.  Simple which is exactly what I wanted.

For dinner, Josh went with another appetizer.  Duck three ways.  He liked it.  The rest of us went simple.  We chose a fish of the day and had it grilled and picked two vegetables for the side.  Most of us went with the mahi-mahi, asparagus and bok choy and a spicy soy sauce for dipping.  It was fine.  I didn’t love the fish because it was over peppered and the vegetables were sort of bland but as I said, the atmosphere made up for it.  Also, the beauty of walking back to our room vs. driving is another added value.