When Salt opened, I believe 6 years ago, we went.  I forgot what it was I liked and didn’t like since so much time has passed.  We were at the high school play this weekend so I booked a restaurant somewhere in the neighborhood.  Salt is located on Macdougal between Prince and Houston which is about 2 blocks from the high school and figured it was time to return.

We got to Salt around 10ish (the play was long).  The room was rocking and the sound was deafening, truly.  The room is set up for communal eating with the kitchen overlooking their patrons.  Three different salts are served at each table which is a nice touch.  In many ways, the communal feel runs out into the street.  That block of Macdougal has a variety of small restaurants which are open from breakfast to dinner so the vibe changes over the course of the day. 

I really like the menu at Salt.  You can choose from the chef’s entrees or pick one of a variety of proteins and two sides with it to create your own dish.  It was late so we bagged the appetizers and went straight for a main course.  Although we did split a plate of dates wrapped in bacon served with a maple syrup glaze.  They were heavy on the bacon taste and a tad too sweet but all and all a nice bite.  They didn’t compare to the ones at Pamplona which were the best I have ever had.

Two of us went with the chefs entrees which was quite good.  Well prepared, not too heavy, fresh and healthy.  I went with the whole Dorado that was grilled and served over a thick balsamic sauce over the veggies that I had chosen which were braised leeks with roasted baby root veggies which consisted mostly of beets.  It was simple and good.

I had a friend who says Salt is her favorite restaurant.  I really liked Salt.  I like the simplicity of the menu and the food.  But, I remember what I didn’t like the minute I walked in.  I don’t really dig the communal table thing.  Also, the noise level in there is deafening.  I was sort of screaming across the table and the woman next to me was cackling.  It works for Salt because they can certainly fit more patrons in the restaurant under that scenario but the sound thing gets harder as I get older.  In essence, you can only talk to the person next to you and barely the person across the way.  I might consider going back for breakfast or lunch because I did like the food and my guess is the drinking pushes the din to an all time high.  Not that many people drink as heavily at breakfast or lunch but if they do at Salt, I might not be in a rush to go back for another meal.