Sebastian Blanck

I love art but at one point where do you continue to put the work?  I do know of people who store the art they collect in a special warehouse but I am not sure I see ever doing that but I guess never say never.   It could become a very expensive habit.

Last night we went to see a group show at Werkstatte Gallery on Great Jones Street and support Sebastian Blanck.  We bought two pieces fromSebastian_2

Sebastian about four years ago and love them.  Also, he is a super sweet guy who not only paints but has a band which he seems to be quite passionate about and hoping that too will go somewhere. 

For years, Sebastian has been stuck in the shower, literally.  His paintings and drawings were mostly nudes in the shower.  Great stuff but I was wondering when he was going to step out of the shower.  He finally did.  Sebastian, I believe, apprenticed under Alex Katz.  You can see serious influences from Katz in his latest works.  All figurines of people doing normal every day things.  The colors are bold and the facial looks in many ways are all similar.  Really liked the work.  I might have to just find somewhere to put a piece.

On another note, the woman who owns the gallery looked so incredibly familiar.  I went up to her and she said the same of me.  We played a little geography.  She wanted to know if I was ever in the fashion biz because she had been.  I am looking at her and thinking she has got to be easily 20 years younger than me and when I was in the fashion biz, she was barely walking.  We finally figured it out that she was a buyer for a store that I used to frequent in the West Village.  It was the first time in my life where I though to myself, my god, this girl is 20 years younger than me, I am in a completely different generation.  I certainly don’t feel that way but reality is reality.  It just felt rather strange.

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  1. ellen

    I really like his paintings also. You just have to make sure the ceilings are high and you have lots of wall space. I, suddenly, have run into the same problem. I find that I have stacked a number of canvases in a closet. I love the art when I buy it, but sometimes it is difficult to decorate the room with what I have chosen. Canvas size is wrong or the mood of the painting doesn’t fit in with the decor. I don’t want to sell them so they sit in a closet and in the attic.

    Since you are building make sure the scale of the room fits with the art. If you put too much on one wall than it is difficult to focus. I built and didn’t have half as many paintings as I now have. I don’t know what to do either, but I love my pictures. With me I guess it is obsessive. I see something and have to possess it, and this is not limited to just art.

    Here in my town an unrented newly built office building has become rental storage space. There seems to be many people with this same way of buying.

    I am now taking on the challwnge of changing the frames of some of this art. This has become a project in itself. I am thinking if I change the frames or make them more uniform, I can put a few together on the wall. It is easier for me, because my pieces are not very contemporary.

  2. Dory

    I absolutely adore it when people talk about the art they buy and why they love it.

    But what I had to respond to here was the part about age. I just started to have that same sense of suddenly realizing that although I’m conversing with someone as a peer, in reality I could be her mother. You’re right: it’s very hard to wrap one’s mind around being a generation away from young adults.