Shout Out Louds at Joe’s Pub

Last night we all went to see the Shout Out Louds at Joe’s Pub.  A really great band from Sweden that we have been listening to for the past few years. I really do like the venue for a variety of reasons.  We got a great table, the place is small so the experience is quite intimate with the band and you can order drinks.   What I don’t like is the Shout Out Louds actually rock and for this performance it was quite different.  They were all dressed up in tuxedos except for Bebban Stenborg, the only girl band member who was wearing a long dress.  Each song was played a bit differently from the norm.  The show was almost like an unplugged show.  Certainly showed their talents as musicians but I left wanting more. 

The kids, needless to say, were bummed. It wasn’t what they expected (we didn’t expect it either)and their initial reaction to walking in Joe’s Pub was a big yuck.  Way too adult.  The good news is the show was only an hour and if anything was just a little reprieve from the normal day to day.

Next time the Shout Out Louds come through NYC, I hope they rock at the Bowery Ballroom.

Comments (Archived):

  1. rachel

    do they give you a hard time at any of the places taking the kids in bc they aren’t 21?

  2. gotham gal

    Some places have age restrictions. 21 and over, 18 and over, depending on the act. Joe’s Pub was any age last night.