Amazon has always ruled

I have been an Amazon customer since the beginning.  I used to believe that when their computer saw me log in, the lights would go off in their offices.  I spent some serious money in the old days, before you got music for pennies.  The brilliance of their software is so impressive and still one of the best.  If you liked this, you will like this, etc.  Love Amazon.

Today my love of Amazon has skyrocketed.  Now you can make purchases from your hand held device.  I was in Barnes and Noble (sorry guys) because I had some time to kill.   I was perusing the travel section and found about 5 books that I wanted to buy.  But, who wanted to schlep those around town?  Not me.  I went on Amazon, bought the books with a few clicks of my phone and was done.  Brilliant.

All purchases should show up on Monday.  Genius.