Bar Blanc

At dinner last night we were discussing that the location of Bar Blanc has housed a variety of restaurants over the years.  Based on last night, I think Bar Blanc will probably last a while.

We went with some old friends which was really nice.  It is nice to reconnect.  Conversation flows so easily and it as if no time has passed. 

Their friend put together the wine list for Bar Blanc, so we went.  The decor is very mod, very white.  The space is long, like a semi-wide tunnel.  The groovy decor makes it work.  Sort of reminds me of the hipster basements of the 1970’s. 

A nice menu.  Creative and a variety of options.  I started with the jumbo asparagus salad.  More greens than anything combined with a few pieces of asparagus, boquerones (Mediterranean anchovies which I love but there were only 2),  a few pieces of shaved pecorino and walnut oil.  A tad garlicky but nice  – very light.  Fred had the organic seasonal mixed greens which was basically the same as mine except there were Lima beans and a different vinaigrette. 

The main courses were good.  I had a seared black cod that was served in a small oval container with pieces of spinach and a squid ink saffron mussel sauce.  I really liked it.  The fish was well cooked and the seafood flavorings brought out the taste of the fish.  Fred went with the monkfish that was served with asparagus, baby artichokes and sweet pea shoots.  Same idea but just different ingredients.   Easy preparation, roasted and served.   

For dessert we all split the beignets.

Both of us decided we liked it but wouldn’t race back.  On the other hand, if somebody told me they had made reservations at Bar Blanc for our dinner next week, I’d be fine with that too.  A nice neighborhood restaurants that was rocking last night with a very groovy crowd.  Not sure I’d be included in that mix.