I was a fan

I admit it.  I was a fan of Hillary Clinton for a long time.  I hit the wall and did a 180.  How she has conducted herself in the primaries is not what I want from a President.  For me, politics as usual doesn’t do it for me anymore (not that it ever did).  I want a big thinker, I want someone who has a well oiled machine, I don’t want someone who is going into debt to continue to run their campaign, I want someone that people believe in.  I also want Obama to stand up and get tough and to get other people in the party to tell her it is time to go. 

Hilary’s audience in Pennsylvania are people who are over 50, making less than $50K a year and don’t have a college degree.  I don’t believe that represents the rest of America.  She can not afford to continue in this campaign because that constituency doesn’t have the cash to support her campaign. 

More and more people are becoming angry with Hillary as time goes on.  The heads of the Democratic party should stop playing politics as usual and tell Hillary, it is time to go.  It is time to unite the Democratic party and run against the Republicans, not run against each other.  It is time to make change.  It is time to open your eyes and see the reality of the situation, you will not win.  By continuing to run a negative campaign, you make the Democratic party look bad which in turn will make it more difficult for us to win in the Fall. 

Please, please…it is time to go. 

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  1. Mens Rea (Ted)


    I could not agree more with you. But, I would suggest that her constituency does, unfortunately, represent most of America both demographically and socio-economically at this point.

    The simple reality was the bitter comment worked against Obama not because he was wrong, but rather, because he was spot on.

    Even in Ann Arbor, we are starting to see that mentality infiltrate our otherwise insulated community.

    Its sad sad sad.

  2. rachel

    I am so with you. How could anyone think what she is doing is to the benefit of the party? It’s ridiculous.

  3. bijan

    amen. great post.

    I was on the fence for a long time. as a father of 2 girls, i really wanted to see H.Clinton win. but in the end I voted for Obama because he is an optimist and he was against the war. but it was a very hard choice at the time for me.

    but now i am so glad I made that choice.

  4. Geoff

    I totally agree with you. As a total outsider from the UK I find it truly bewildering that all the US news is about two candidates, ostensibly on the same side, slugging it out with each other, meanwhile the opposition gets a free ride in the press. How weird!

  5. ann

    What america are you living in? The one where everyone makes 200k year & has a college education? Why do you think that there are all these foreclosures? Because they didn’t get their end of year performance bonuses? Wow, your limousine liberalness is showing.

  6. chartreuse

    I loved the Clintons.
    But they have taken there legacy and thrown it down the toilet.
    Like Bush, they are using the politics of fear.
    Instead of attempting to be the best, they are giving tactic approval to us being our worse.

  7. artifact

    I am impressed with her brilliance but not her personal style. I think she tends to micro manage and can get caught up in he own web of facts. Much like the mismanagement of her campaign. Obama is brilliant but thoughtful.

    Swift boat ads you ain’t seen nothing yet! But what is really appalling is that it is coming from press via the last debate and from Hillary who cunningly aligned herself with those despicable questions that were raised. It was interesting how many times she brought up the 911 references.

    This is going to get ugly and I think Obama has to address this swift boating concept in a strong and definitive manner.

    Upset and worried about where all of this is going to lead us.

  8. Susan Solomon

    i’m with you, jo. i’m way over her too. her outrageous comments (blatant lies actually) about her winning the popular vote yesterday went beyond the pale. but i don’t believe that the democratic party has the power or the influence to get her to quit. my guess is that she’s in it for the long haul & will go all the way to the convention, no matter how she fares in the next contests. i’m ok with that. she will lose. and barack will have plenty of time to show the country’s mccain’s true colors.

  9. Erik

    The longer this goes on the wiser Samantha Powers looks.

  10. Matt

    I understand why people don’t like Hillary, but I don’t understand why she should drop out. Obama outspent her 3:1 in PA, and got shellacked. And, like Hillary, he mathematically cannot win without the votes of super-delegates.

    Hillary has a much better chance against McCain because she has a better chance than Obama of winning Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Michigan in the general election.

    Obama should drop out