Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman played at Webster Hall last night.  Another great musician from Sweden.  What’s the deal with the Swedes.  Is it in the water? 

Jens reminds me a bit of Jonathan Richman.  When he starts doing the "bamp ah, bamp ahs" and everyone in the audience participates, I think of Jonathan singing "da da da da da da da da da".  My writing doesn’t do the music justice.  There is a great cadence to those dada’s. 

Jens voice is sultry and sexy.  I wasn’t expecting him to be so funny.  He told stories about his songs before he sang them which were clever and insightful.  He made some comments about using Google maps, American’s obsession with Wikipedia and how they shouldn’t trust it because he makes sure his page is never true and how he will end up all over Flickr tomorrow.  Obviously a guy who uses the Internet.

He came out for a few encores one playing an African instrument that I had never seen before.  See the young girl in the background of the picture, she looks like she is 12 doesn’t she? 

Really glad we went to see Jens last night.  Sometimes you go to a concert and you walk away enjoying show but your interest in the artist doesn’t change.  Other times, like last night, you see a completely different person and your appreciation in the artist rises.  Jens ruled.  The songs are great, the melodies are wonderful but for me, seeing him live takes his music to another level. 

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  1. fred wilson

    you had a much better view of things than me!