Kate Nash

Round two at Webster Hall this week to see Kate Nash.  I went with Emily, her friend and Jessica (who showed up the last 20 minutes which couldn’t have been more perfect timing to see the best part of the show).  Some times when you see an artist live it changes your perspective for either the better or the worst.  Not sure Kate Nash made me love her music more.

She is adorable and incredibly talented.  She comes out playing piano, moves to guitar, owns her songs, is beyond thrilled to actually be performing but she hasn’t figured out how to play to the audience. 

Her audience is made up mostly of college age girls who know every song and sing to each other.  It was really fun to watch.  Kate told stories of how blown away that she gets to meet famous people. She is definitely in awe of what she is.  She met Whoopi Goldberg that afternoon and she could barely contain herself on how excited she was about it.  Very cute.  I also loved her neon Kate Nash sign behind her while she played. 

There were times of the concert where I thought about leaving.  Song after song had no edge but then all of a sudden she’d belt out something fun and rockin.  Near the end she did a song that was new where she screamed and pranced around stage like something out of the punk genre.  That was particularly interesting and I wonder if that is the next direction she will take.

There is no doubt that Kate Nash is one talented girl but I at this point I am only listening to the handful of songs vs. the entire CD.