Let’s go to the MOMA

Josh has been learning how to write code.  He is totally into it.  Currently at the MOMA (only 3 weeks to go) is an exhibit called Design and the Elastic Mind.  Josh asked me if we could go and while we were there we should check out the color block show and the Olafar Elliason exhibit too.  Is this my kid? 

We went up to the MOMA today to check all the exhibits out with Josh’s friend.  They both really enjoyed all three exhibits. 

Design and the Elastic Mind is all about technology.  It is very cool.  Fred took some very pictures which you can check out on his blog.  My favorite part was a real time map showing all the IP traffic flowing into NYC from all over the world.  It is worth checking out.

The other exhibit is Color Chart.  48 different artists ( I believe ) from the 1950’s to today were put together to show how color is used.  Some incredible pieces from Gerhard Richter but my favorite, hands down, were the two paint by number pieces by Andy Warhol.  I knew about them but am not sure I have ever seen them in person until today.  Those two pieces alone were worth the trip. 

The last exhibit we saw was the same exhibit we saw at the San Francisco MOMA of Olafar Elliasson.  Josh loved it particularly the lights that make everything and everyone seem colorless, just black and white.  I actually preferred the exhibit in San Francisco where there were some other installations but don’t miss it.  The name of the exhibit is called "taking your time".  Each installation is about perception.  His work is thought provoking and uses science and math to create his art.  Fantastic.

The best part is always going to a museum and seeing the art through your kids eyes.  Glad Josh asked to go and great to take him.