Rick’s on Donnie Deutsch

The story behind Rick at Ricks Picks is great.  The video is short and worth the few minutes it takes to watch.  In so many ways, Rick did what many people think about.  I am not sure I want to continue do what I have been doing with my life and I am going to make a change.  He did and so far, so good.

I’d embed the video in my blog but unfortunately CNBC doesn’t really understand that by putting that on my blog or others putting the video on their blog can drive traffic back to CNBC through the viral world.  Alas, so just click here and click through Ricks Picks site and you can watch.  It is all on the press page.

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  1. Ellen

    Might we also mention that we saw tour husband on the Discovery channel two weeks ago on the series about the birth and development of the Internet.