She and Him

She and Him, she being Zooey Deschanel, him being M. Ward played at Webster Hall last night.  They were supposed to perform Monday and Tuesday night at Hero Hall but she was under the weather on Monday night and the performance was cancelled.  Somebody was obviously on top of it because both performances grouped together and they moved to Webster Hall for Tuesday evening.  I believe it was their first concert of the tour.

The story behind She and Him is supposedly that Zooey had written and recorded some songs at home on a tape recorder.  Her friends urged her to send her stuff to M. Ward.  He got it, he loved it and wanted to do something together and low and behold, She and Him was born. 

I am a huge fan of M. Ward.  Saw him a while back.  Extremely talented guy. 

Zooey didn’t say a word last night, due to her vocal chords or a cold but she certainly could belt out the music.  I am not sure I have ever seen a performer as happy as she was to be on stage.  She is an actress and all of a sudden she is an indie rock star.  Pretty cool.  Her music is somewhere between 50’s sweet songs to June Carter.  His voice is striking and her voice is too.  The combo really works.  Mostly he just plays guitar but when they come together it is a whole other element.

Definitely worth a listen. 

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  1. James Forbes

    I believe her next movie is the Janice Joplin bio pic. She has a great voice and I can hardly wait to hear her takes on Janice Joplin.
    Jim Forbes