The Standard…great views

Last night we went to a cocktail party for the Highline.   For two guys who never had anything to do with the non-profit world before, Robert and Joshua are beyond impressive.  Joshua, who is our point man at the Highline, never fails to write a note, get people to come back again and again so you don’t forget about them with hopes that more contacts will come in the door, and of course, more money.  Fred and I gave a donation to the Highline but we have also hooked them up with a variety of people so it would be interesting to know exactly how much money we have brought to the project.  I so love the project and every time I see and hear about the Highline, it never fails to excite me about how the Highline is going to transform the lower Westside of Manhattan.

They had a small cocktail party for people last night to show the plans.  The event took place on the 17th floor of the new Standard hotel that is far from done on Washington Street in the Meatpacking District.   The views are not only spectacular but we were of the first people in NYC who got to see NYC from that vantage point.  It is a brand new building in airspace that had been untouched.  From the 17th floor you have river views, views of the Highline both north and south of the building.  You can basically see all the way up the Westside both north and south.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the windows weren’t completely in and orange netting kept you from falling over, I would have pressed my nose to the window.

Believe me, as a West villager, the amount of construction going on for tourists is overwhelming.  The streets over here are not built to handle that type of traffic.  Not sure there is much thought process to the growth and time will tell what havoc will take place but the people staying at the Standard who plan on doing the treadmill on the 17th floor (where the gym is) have some awesome views.