Trucker at the Tribeca Film Festival

Every year since the Tribeca Film Festival has opened, I have seen at least one film.  This year I bought a bunch of tickets.  The first thing I saw was this past Friday afternoon.  The movie I saw was called Trucker.  It was really good.

Trucker is about a woman who leads a very simple life, driving a semi around the country, having one night stands and hitting the bars with random men.  In her past, she had a husband and child who she walked out on 10 years ago.  One day, her son, who is now 11, shows up at her door because his father has cancer and she is the only person at the time he can turn to.

All of a sudden, she is burdened with a responsibility that she has no interest in.  The story unfolds. 

The movie is a small gem.  Not only is it well shot but each frame, although short, is quite seamless in telling the story over a period of time.  The main character, the trucker, played by Michele Monaghan, is honest and real.  Regardless of whether you support the decisions that she has made with her life, she wears everything on her sleeve and is very much in touch with who she is. 

There is absolutely an audience for this film outside of the film festival.  I hope that somebody picks up the film.  It would play well at the Angelica or the Quad.  A heartfelt film that touched me.  Looking forward to the rest of the films I got tickets to next week.