Passing Strange

I love the name, Passing Strange, which is one of the new musicals to hit Broadway. 

Josh and I had a date last night and I got tickets to Passing Strange.  Clever production but neither of us could get into it.  We left at intermission.  Bottom line, musicals don’t work for us.  I have tried, many times, but this could be the last one.  It should be the last one because I always say how much I don’t enjoy them but continue to torture myself by going.

The best part of our evening is after dinner, we walked into Toys R Us, and took a ride on the carousel.  We did it many years ago on another date night when he couldn’t have been older than 8.  We got a good laugh out of going around and around.  Had our picture taken and took it home. 

Next date, Josh has requested stand-up comedy that is improvisational.  I’m so there.

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  1. Rita

    Sorry it didn’t work out, but don’t give up on musicals 🙁

    Maybe you guys should try a different kind of musical. I know a lot of people who didn’t like Passing Strage. What about Avenue Q? Seems like more your type of thing (even has a stand up comedian in it). Go to this site for a discount:

    Another idea if you want something a bit more happy and well, Disneyish is Marry Poppins check this for a discount:

    Either way good luck and never give up on musicals!

  2. Ryden

    Passing strange was amazing, it gave me feelings no other musical has before. How is it possible NOT to get into it??