Small moments

I have been spending a lot of time pondering what should I do next or what else should I do.  Right now, every day is a different day.  There isn’t anything that sits in side me that when I get up every day I can dig my teeth into.  On one hand, I really miss that.  On the other hand, will I be able to do that and remain flexible and focused on my priorities right now?  So, I am going down the path of really clearing out the debris and trying to figure out if I filled those 20 hours what exactly would it be.  I could do a variety of things but what is it that would truly rock my world.  Not sure if I will ever figure that one but then again, it can’t hurt to try.

As I make my way down this path, I found myself sitting home for three days with Josh who is home with a stomach bug.  Watching movies, hanging out, etc.  I had a few things I needed to do but I basically spent the majority of time at home with him.   Jessica had a bad day and wanted to meet me for lunch this week.  It was about 45 minutes before lunch when she called me.  I was totally available.  We got together, if only for half an hour, and I was able to be there just to listen and be supportive. 

Those are the small moments.  If I wasn’t available, it wouldn’t have been a big deal but the moment would have passed.  The fact that I could be there was worth a lot and could never been replaced by checking in at the end of the day.  Those small moments go a long way.  Those are the moments that puts life into perspective and why I ( and also Fred ) are a big presence in our home. 

Maybe I don’t need to fill those few empty hours during the day….and then again, maybe a few wouldn’t hurt. 

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  1. fred wilson

    great post. i reblogged a part of this at

  2. Rachel

    Whenever you discuss your urge to do something different/get a real “job” I always think about how meaningful the things you can do that are not part of an official schedule but rather just living life. Everyone in your house is fortunate to have your flexibility to have that Q.T. that is not required but is so nice.

    My mom worked full-time and I speak from experience on how important I think those “little things” are.

  3. ellen

    I am taking care of a very ill family member who has a brain tumor. My friends say “You should get a woman so you can do something else.” They do not understand how important it is for her and me to be there. Granted my time is very limited and can sometimes be tedious but I would have it no other way right now.