The Story of Forgetting

Not sure I how I came upon this book but I am glad that I did.  The Story of Forgetting is a first novel by Stefan Merril Block who is 26 years old so he probably around the book when he was 23/24.  Quite impressive.

The story weaves together 3 separate stories.  The two main characters, Seth and Abel, and each of their stories.  Seth’s mother has early stage Alzheimer’s and he is determined to look into the history of her family and find out why.  He knows very little about her except that he is his mother.  He is a geeky nerdy kid who is sort of an outcast who’s determination makes the book a page turner.  Abel, is a reclusive old man still living in a shack among mansions in Dallas holding on to his land and life.  His story is of his life with his brother, his wife and daughter.  They are also affected by Alzheimer’s. 

The other piece is the story of Isadora which is a place where nobody remembers anything.  A tale told through out the book.  Sort of like an Aesop fable.  There is also the piece of history which is how genetically Alzheimer’s has moved from generation to generation across continents.

A really well written book.  Interesting voices.  The culmination of all these stories at the end puts the whole book together.  A worthwhile read.