And then it rained…

After two baseball games ( Josh's team are the champs this year) and then finishing off the strawberry jam, we took a subway up to Central Park to see Vampire Weekend at Summerstage. They were expecting 10,000 people.  We had VIP passes, thank god, because the line to see to the park was insane.  They were going to close down the entrance at one point. 

We met Jessica up there and Emily and her friend had come with us.  Josh bagged so we had an extra VIP ticket and Jessica and her friend dropped out of the insane line and came with us.  We heard thunder and felt rain.  The girls all decided to go inside and get seats.  Fred and I opted for coming back. If it was going to rain, we would wait it out somewhere besides the stands.  And then it poured.

Fred and I ran down to Via Quadronno, one of my favorite places on the upper east side, for a warm cappuccino.  It was still pouring.  The girls were BBMing us.  They were out of there.  They grabbed a bus going down Fifth Avenue and called it quits.  Fred and I decided after our coffee to run over to the Whitney. Nothing special there because they are basically in between exhibits but at least we had shelter.  Once the rain subsided, we walked back to the park to see Vampire Weekend. 

Vampire Weekend came on stage and it started to rain.  After 3 songs, we decided that standing in the rain, although light, wasn't worth the effort.  We walked out of the park, grabbed a cab on fifth and got in.  Literally as we shut the door in the cab, the skies opened up.  It dumped like no other. 

The gods were with us.  We went down to Little Owl, had to wait outside for about 5 minutes (rain had stopped), and were given 2 glasses of wine in coffee cups while we waited.  Our seats at the bar opened up and we had a delicious dinner.

When we left the restaurant, Fred went outside and started a conversation with 2 people.  They were twoCrowd
Europeans who had rented an apartment on Morton street for two weeks.  I came out and was giving them a variety of recommendations and it started to dump again.  A cab pulled up next to the restaurant.  Fred and I jumped in and said our goodbyes.  Timing couldn't have been more perfect.

From the baseball game ( a winner ), the jam, the concert, the museum, the restaurant and a serious day of rain.  We managed to stay pretty dry vs the crowd on the right.  We had a day of good karma.