Another day in Paris

Today we went to the Marie Antoinette exhibit at the Grand Palais.  Quite impressive.  The life of Marie Antoinette who has obviously made her mark on France.  The only drag is that the all the information was written in French.  The family is a bunch of history buffs so although much information was discussed, I picked up a book on the way out.  The old paintings, the furniture.  It is incredibly how well preserved everything is.   After the culture, a snack.  There happened to be aLadure cart in the museum stocked with every flavor of macaroon you can think of.  We tried the citron and chocolate.  A total wow. 

We jumped on the Metro to run a few errands and stopped at Le Fumoir for a quick bite and something to drink.  A great place for a drink.  A clubby bar that that sits across from the Louvre.  I had actually been there years ago for dinner.  We should have gone to Cafe Marly which is on of my favorite lunch spots, but next time. 

 We walked past the Louvre and through the Tuilleries until our shoes became filled with the white sand. Chestnuts
So beautiful.  Then of course, we walked over to Rue St. Honore.  We strolled down to Jean-Paul Hevin that is a chocolatier.  We had some dark chocolate bark loaded with hazelnuts, a few roasted chestnuts, a raspberry filled dark chocolate bar, a rich chocolate mousse wrapped up like a cigar in a thin crispy flaky thin cookie and a dark chocolate filled praline.  Nothing bad…no surprises there. This picture is of the chestnuts and you can see Fred blackberrying ( is that a word ) on the left hand corner. 

After a serious tasting, Jessica led us directly to Colette and this it he look on her face once she found it.  Colette is a concept store.  To the public eye, there is only one of everything.  In the back, there are sizes.  Each outfit appears to be put together from a stylist.  Everything works.  They carry items that you Colette
really can't find anywhere else.  I describe Colette as Kirna Zabette meets Jeffreys and Barneys stops in for a second, a very quick second.

The boys bagged out on the Colette experience although Josh must come back to purchase at least one pair of sneakers.  They grabbed some bikes and went home.  I took the bike home with the girls afterward.  My first bike experience in Paris.  I admit, I miss my vespa.  The whole experience is a little scary yet exhilerating at the same time.  I might stick with the Metro and my feet but time will tell.

We parked our bikes and stopped in the actual Laduree store which is in our neighborhood.  Just to take a peek.  Wow, wow, wow.  Coming back for more. 

My feet are up, I am exhausting and preparing for dinner.  We are meeting some people tonight who are in Paris for dinner at the 1728 restaurant. 

More later…

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  1. Bonny P McClain

    “I describe Colette as Kirna Zabette meets Jeffreys and Barneys stops in for a second, a very quick second.”

    Hilarious!….and point on.

    Did you stop at cafe verlet? Its down the block from Colette. I have their coffee shipped in every month!