Friday night stroll

Fred and I have seriously been spending more time together than ever.  It is really nice.  Our kids are in that stage where they are doing their own thing on the weekend.  They always know they can tag along with us but recently they have just kept us posted on their whereabouts. 

Friday night, Fred and I started out at an art opening in Chelsea.  The big opening was Thursday night but we weren't able to make it.  The show was at 532 Gallery on 25th Street.  Sorry I did not take a picture.  532 is a space that can be rented by an artist or curator for a show.  In this case, a curator put this together and she is hoping to open a gallery on the lower east side this fall.  Our friend (and caterer) was showing, a huge photo that he had taken inside a mausoleum in Paris. Tom, is one talented individual.  Little did I know that he got his MFA from Yale and started out as one of the first artists represented by the Paul Morris Gallery.  He burnt out of the art world quickly and opened a caterer and at one point had a restaurant too.  Currently he is producing all the stages and such for some indie movies.  His abilities never cease to amaze me.  I would recommend him for anything. His catering company is called Caferio Lussier.

Fred and I made our way down to Tribeca for dinner because Josh was at a party in the neighborhood.  Our thought was he would come home with us after dinner.  Not.  We sat at the bar at Thalassa.  Fred had a hankering for Mediterranean food.  I have never been a huge fan of this restaurant.  The menu is okay not great.  The food is the same as it has been for years.  We had sliced octopus which was simple but nothing out of the ordinary.  We also had a dish of mussels, clams, shrimp, feta and tomato that is served hot.  This was quite good but been done before.  The fish, a whole dorado, was sauteed with capers.  Good but not great.  There are a few fantastic Mediterranean restaurants in the city and Thalassa has never struck me as good as the others. 

Jessica was in the neighborhood and stopped by.  She grabbed a cab with us to go uptown and Fred and I got off on Christopher street to walk down to the pier.  Our temple, was having a sunset sabbath.  Loved the idea but unfortunately we got there as the service ended.  We hung out with our friends and strolled back to the West village where we all live.  People were out, music was being played.  All and all, a typical night in NYC. 

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  1. Seth Goldman

    I just wanted to add that Thalassa is one of my favorite restaurants – perhaps you need to try it again.