Little Jackie

Little jackie
We went to see Little Jackie last night at the Mercury Lounge.  A small venue on Houston near Allen Street.  A one room box with a stage. 

The first time I heard Little Jackie I immediately liked it.  Someone told me last night that she has been described at Lily Allen meets Lauryn Hill.  Perfect description. 

Her lyrics are hilarious.  Pop meets rap and in your face.  She has a serious set of pipes and quite the style.  Her album is coming out soon.  Worth the listen. 

In full disclosure, Little Jackie is on S-Curve Records which Fred and I are investors in. Believe me, there is plenty of music that S-Curve is putting out that we don't love but are thrilled they are doing well.  Little Jackie, on the other hand, we love and are listening to.

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  1. Joshua

    If Little Jackie doesn’t blow up like a swingers club built out of pure TNT in the heart of a viciously militant Mormon ‘hood (next door to a lighter factory, no less), well … I guess I’d like to seek out that club. Before I leave town, though, I’ll eat my hat. Or a hat, at least. I don’t really wear hats, you see, so …
    Point is, I was almost literally floored the first time I heard “28 Butts.” Granted I was four drinks deep and barely balancing on an uneven floor but GODDAMN!!! So hot. So accessible. So ready for prime time. I expect an SNL appearance this season. Don’t know how I feel about that but shit – they’re gonna be HUGE.


    i love little jackie definely when they were on the new york goes to hollywood show