Little Owl and Market Table

We have been dining at both Little Owl and Market Table since they opened.  The partnership of Joey Campanaro and Gabriel Stulman had ended.  They opened these restaurants together.  I am really sorry to see Gabriel leave because his energy is contagious.  You wanted to eat there to hang with Gabe.  There is no doubt that he will turn up somewhere else and his passion to create a certain type of place will prove to be another success.

The restaurants do not seem as crowded to me as they have in the past but perhaps they are beginning to become neighborhood restaurants, which is fine.  The location of both of them, with a loyal following around the neighborhood, will be the key to their continued success.  Well, that and the food. 

After eating at both establishments, 3 times over the past two weeks, I can tell you whole heartedly that the food is still delicious.  BTW, Little Owl is now open for lunch.  Both of these places are a total favorite.  Seasonal with just the right combination of flavors and the right amount of food.  From the oysters to the whole fish to the sliced duck breast to the chicken paillard to the seared scallops to the arugula strawberry salad to the wine list.  You really can not go wrong.

Sorry to see the boys split up but I am looking forward to seeing where Gabriel is going to show up. 

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  1. byetman

    can’t wait to see where Gabriel surfaces as well… Have you tried lunch yet at Little Owl? I didn’t realize they were doing lunch, thanks for the heads up!