Marthe Jocelyn

Oh to be able to write.  Although I have been writing this blog for a
few years, I do not consider myself a writer.  I am actually taken back
when someone says to me, you are a writer.  Yes, I write but when I
read a book that flows so easily or a piece that is insightful and well
thought out, I am always blown away.  A good read really sticks with me.

I got to know Marthe Jocelyn
through my kids school. She was ( is a parent until next Friday when
her youngest daughter graduates ) .  Our kids are in different grades
but we sat together at many a basketball game and we also sat on the
school board together.  She has been a real asset to the school for
many years through her involvement, one being the literary committee. 
Marthe would usually reading to our kids class every year with a new
book that she wrote and they loved it.  I have gotten to know Marthe
better this year and I am sorry that I won't see her at the games next
year.  She is smart, unique and a helluva a writer.  I really enjoy
talking with her. 

She gave me her latest book last week which hasn't hit the book stores
yet.  It is called Would You.  It is a book for teenagers.  I read it
this past week and honestly, I couldn't put it down.  I was carrying
the book around with me to read a few pages when there was a lull.  I finally got into bed one night and refused to go to sleep until I
finished it.  I laughed, I cried.  I am going to have all our kids read

The first thing that struck me, since this is my first book that I have
read of Marthe's (although Emily has read them all ) is that she is an
incredible writer.  You just want to keep reading.  The words flow. 

The book is about a suburban family who is struck by tragedy.  One of
the sisters, in a typical teen moment, is seriously injured.  As a
parent, you grieve.  Yet, the book is written through the eyes of her
sister, who is still a teenager, only a few years younger than her
sister.  There isn't a teenager who won't read this book and realize
that every thing you do has repercussions.  Life isn't always what you
are expecting, it can change in an instant but even if life changes, it
still goes on.

A worthy read that I am still thinking about.