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We got up late again and decided we should kick off our day having breakfast at Laduree  After a taste from Laduree yesterday and a peek in their store, we couldn’t resist.  We had baskets of croissants and breakfast treats with freshly squeezed orange juice on the side and coffee, hot chocolate and tea.  Oh, and of course  butter and jam.  I would never indulge like this in NYC.  I seem happy to gravitate to all the goodies in Paris, it is the vacation frame of mind. 

Afterward, Fred headed back to the apartment to do work and the rest of the crew headed out to Bon Marche to stock the frig.   The new digs for the Bon Marche gourmand market is a total WOW.  Think Citarella meets Dean & Deluca with a little Food Emporium tossed in on the side for supplies, some farmers market items and of course anything you can imagine.  We were all agape.  We have decided to make dinner at home a few nights a week, just to chill and so we don’t go broke.  I particularly loved the section devoted to Duck Confit.  Only in France. 

After leaving Bon Marche, with 3 heavy bags in tow, we walked towards Poilane.  Fabulous breads. On the way there, I stopped in a hardware store and bought aPull cart

pull cart.  I have one in NYC and love it.  I might look like an old lady using it but it is a genius accessory for green markets and Chelsea Market.  We packed it up and Josh pulled the cart. 

Once we got home and unpacked the groceries, we walked back out the door for a little more exploration.  We grabbed the metro and went to see the Notre Dame.  We strutted in, looked around and left.  Little did we Notre
realize that we had walked in the exit and left out the entrance.  There was a huge line.  My apologies to everyone there.

Behind Notre Dame is a holocaust memorial.  Worth seeing.  You walk down poured concrete steps into a small open area.  It is almost suffocating.  Underneath the stairs is a small doorway.  Inside are two jails that are crypts filled with ashes.  One long hall way, which is blocked off to entry, is filled with tiny light bulbs that I believe represents all the Jews deported from France and sent to the Nazi Camps during WWII. 

You can’t help but walk over to Ile St. Louis after and get some ice cream at Berthillon.  The best ice cream in Paris.  There are a variety of places that sell the ice cream on the island, don’t be fooled, and make sure you go directly to the original which is at number 31, Rue de St. Louis.

We walked back to our place and stopped by Patrick Roger to get some chocolates.  He is known forMummies
dramatic windows of chocolate.  While we were there they were installing these mummy like figures of wrapped chocolate.  Behind them was a shaved chocolate bear, larger than me, that must have been in the window earlier.  We got a dark chocolate bar filled with nuts and dried fruits and ginger.  Delicious.

Went home, kicked our heels up and made dinner and drank a good bottle of white wine from our wine store downstairs. 

All and all, a damn good day. 

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  1. Beth

    Have you read Suite Francaise yet? I don’t see it in your sidebar. If not, I highly recommend you do. It will be even more poignant to you having seen the Holocaust memorial you describe.

    Have a chocolate croissant (or I should say pain au chocolat) for me.